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22.04.2015: Azure Web Sites für den .Net Entwickler (Anton Staykov)

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Today it is super easy to build a Web Site – open Visual Studio -> File -> New Project -> Web -> done. But then come the questions: Where to host it? How to deploy it? Can I integrate (and automate deployments) with my own Version Control System? What if something breaks – can I quickly rollback a deployment? By the way, I want staging environment. No, wait, I need UAT too! Oh, I want to deliver this super cool new feature, but it is in Beta – I don’t want all users to see it – let’s divide them 50/50! And this error, that only comes when deployed – how to debug it? In this session we will answer all these questions, and probably more! Still don’t have an Azure Web Site – play with one for an hour, it doesn’t require you to have Azure Subscription:


Anton has more than 13 years of professional IT experience. He works with Microsoft Azure since October 2008 when it was first announced and holds Microsoft MVP reward in the field of Azure since April’2011. 

Currently serving as a Solutions Architect for Smarthouse Media GmbH, leader on the German software market delivering oslutions for the Financial Industry. 

Anton is always happy to talk about Cloud. You can reach him at @astaykov and under 

Anmeldung auf XING: 

Hotelplan CC Services GmbH
Erich-Weinert-Str. 145
10409 Berlin

22.04.2015 19:00 Uhr

Für Getränke wird wieder gesorgt. Anschließend gehen wir auch wieder in die Haxe.

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